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DIY Pumpkin Banner

I went to Target the other day to literally just get cat and dog food and an hour later I walked out with 5 bags and $100 missing from my wallet. Happens every time....I know y'all can relate! One of my favorite areas of Target stores is their dollar section once you enter through the front doors. There's always cute stuff and I always end up buying a bunch of it but not always having a need for it. So this time while browsing, I saw these super cute pumpkin cardboard cut outs. They came in a set of 5 and the label said "Chalkboard Clipboard Pumpkins" so I'm assuming it for teachers to use in a classroom? Either way,...

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Smash Cake at 34

On July 31st, I celebrated my 29th birthday....err, I mean my 34th birthday. The older I get, the more I feel it's important to celebrate every birthday. When we're younger, we hit a bunch of fun milestones... First birthday! Next is double-digits, then we're officially teenagers when 13 rolls around....and of course we start planning for our sweet 16, then for our drivers license, and next is the "legal" age of an adult when we can get our first tattoo or piercing without parental consent and finally we get to the celebrate with an alcoholic beverage or two on our 21st birthday. After that it seems like the only birthday "milestones" we hit are every decade...30, 40, 50...etc...and that just...

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Coffee Talk

Hey y'all. For some time now I've been meaning to start my blog for JPD but I wasn't necessarily sure what to write about. My purpose and passion with my handbag collection is to connect with the buyer. Connecting with people because that's ultimately the best gift in life. To connect and feel understood. So by creating my art and connecting with my customers, I am becoming part of their life and they are taking a piece of my life home with them. It's really quite beautiful if you think about it for a moment.   I also stand strong behind representing myself exactly as I am and not trying to fit in to the mold of what "sells" or what...

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